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  • Behind Data Streaming

    We have been witnessing a paradigm shift across many companies to the world of data streaming. But is that the hype or is there a stronger reason behind it?

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  • Stream Processing with Kafka Streams

    In the world of streaming, Kafka made its way to the Big Data hall of fame. Kafka 0.10 introduced Kafka Streams, a simple stream processing library (yes, not a framework, but a really simple library). This post intends to demonstrate how easy can be to build a stream processing application with Kafka Streams.

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  • Testing over Golang Channels

    Quality assurance is a fundamental part of software engineering. It allows you to have confidence in the product being deployed into production, at the same time it ensures regression, allowing you to change the code later for refactoring or adding new features without breaking anything else.

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  • Simple Data Processing Pipeline with Golang

    Go/Golang is powerful language for developing efficient server side applications. I’ve been playing around with Go lately and decided to share some experiments. So here I present a simple data processing pipeline using Golang channels.

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  • Spark Stateful Streaming with Python

    Spark is a very popular data processing framework from the Big Data landscape. It is implemented in Scala but provides APIs to non-JVM languages such as Python.

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